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Duncan Campbell-Smith

Author and historian


After all the unavoidable delays of recent months, I am looking forward to the pre-Christmas release of my next book,  JET MAN: The Making and Breaking of Frank Whittle, Genius of the Jet Revolution. The biography of an aero-engineer whose achievements helped to change the world in the twentieth century, it is scheduled for publication by Head of Zeus on 10 December 2020.

Originally planned for September, JET MAN‘s launch was inevitably hit by the impact of the pandemic on the book trade. All expectant authors this year can only be extremely grateful to their publishers where they have managed to soldier on with WFH and process new titles against all the odds …

Also due for release in the months ahead is my commissioned history of the Standard Chartered Bank,  Crossing Continents. Originally intended for release in the autumn of 2016, it is now scheduled for publication by Penguin Allen Lane in May 2021.

Meanwhile, for those self-isolating or caught in local lockdowns, this is obviously the time to catch up on all those bulky volumes you meant to read in the past but didn’t. So find a copy of my history of Britain’s Royal Mail, Masters of the Post, which was published by Penguin Allen Lane in November 2011 and came out in paperback in 2012. (Events at the Post Office have been exciting plenty of controversy this year, which I wrote about in June for The Spectator, How the Post Office Lost Its Way.)


Duncan Campbell-Smith